Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Apple Turnover

The apple (painting) turnover rate has continued throughout the week. These apple paintings have served to help:
1.) work out the kinks after a prolonged absence from painting,
2.) serve to retrain the old brain to "see" the subject,
3.) remember and rehearse brush technique and color mixing, AND
4.) build confidence for a portrait commission that was put on hold during the holidays.

These two paintings were painted with a limited palette. To explain: one apple was reddish, and two apples were green. Red and green are complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are often mixed to make a neutral shade, in this instance, to be used in the outline, shadows, and background. So because I had decided to only used the complimentary colors in these two paintings, the look is different from the previous few apple paintings.

The paintings are both on the small side, 4" x 6" oil on cotton canvas. Also, so far in this series I've used flat brushes. Tomorrow's blog entry will highlight an apple painting done with round brushes.

Lastly, all along I've been planning on giving away one of the apple paintings to a follower of this blog. When 50 people commit by clicking the "follow" button in the top left blue bar just above the Finding My Glasses title, a name will be randomly selected from that list. When this blog collects 100 followers, we'll have another painting give-away! For facebook readers, when one reads the whole entry, at the top of the facebook comments is a little bar that says, Comment · Like · View Original Post. Click on View Original Post and it directs to, well, the original post. From there, just "follow" the above directions. If anyone chooses to follow anonymously (to the world,) but still wants to be eligible for the painting give-away, then please send an e-mail with the subject line apple turnover to info at Sarah Hazel dot com. Only people who follow at Sarah Hazel dot blog spot dot com will be eligible for the give-away.


Anonymous said...

I do not see follow up in the blue bar. Does that mean I am already a follower of your blog as I do not remember signing up to do that?

Kristin said...

oops that annonymous was me...

Reese said...

I don't see follow anywhere, either

Reese said...

I figured out the problem. A person has to first "sign in" to blogger. Which means, of course, the person must first establish a blogger account.

Sarah Hazel said...

Sorry, folks. Didn't know that this would be so complicated! Didn't realize that one would need a blogger account to "follow." Instead of the "follow" button, just send me an e-mail (apple turnover) or leave a comment.