Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wonderful Happy Sidewalk

It's Tuesday and I'm Still Sore.

In the process of our neighbor getting a new driveway, an opportunity was created.

The workers totally demolished our footpath that runs between the houses from front to back as they ripped up their old driveway and poured concrete for the new one....which means that because the neighbors are kind and considerate, they didn't leave the mess for us alone to fix. The neighbor brought in some sand, and while he was shoveling sand from one end of the space to the other, I, very happily was placing bricks and flagstone to match the swirly pattern of the patio in the backyard. Before, it was a boring plain old wobbly sidewalk. Now, it's a fanciful wonderful happy sidewalk.

The work all happened last Saturday, and pitifully, my muscles still ache from all the lifting and standing and bending and squatting and sitting. Ouch.

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Sue said...

I love your new sidewalk. And I love the photo of you riding your bike on Christmas morning. I have a new bike too but never rode it in the house. LOL It was very good and refreshing to see you at the hospital. Thank you for the visit. Sue

ehaze said...

looks great!