Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apples Two Oranges

It is worth mentioning again that I paint without wearing glasses. Being nearsighted, it's just easier to make sense of what I'm doing (within an arm's length glance) without corrective lenses. When wearing glasses, for me, everything up close is fuzzy. Because I can't see far away things with precision without glasses, the subjects that I paint are, by and large, out of focus. (And no, I don't wear or want bifocals.)

But in spite of a lack of (actual, not metaphorical) vision, when painting while using round tipped brushes, I have much more control over the paint, and consequently, the painting appears more in focus than it really least the way I see it.

Apples Two Oranges is a 9" x 12" oil on linen canvas. Not only were round brushes used, but I also added a linseed oil turpentine mixture to the paint to encourage the paint to flow more easily from the brush to the canvas surface. Using round tipped brushes gives this painting a slightly different look than the other apple paintings.

So, if one so chooses, the similarities of brush stroke and technique of the apple paintings created using flat brushes and no extra linseed oil are akin to comparing apples to apples. And this painting using round brushes with added linseed oil would, ever so subtly, be like comparing apples to oranges! (Get it, apples, TWO oranges?)

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