Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Big Show Response

The following is excerpted with permission from correspondence received from a reader and new friend, Tami Merrick. She and I met while enjoying some live blues at The Big Easy. In our "getting to know you" chat, I was delighted to discover that one of her works is in the Big Show at Lawndale this year.

Tami adequately and eloquently explains what so many of us in the art viewing public want to know. Namely, what makes THAT art?

Tami's credentials include having curated shows herself and spending a number of years studying (mostly) painting at the Art League, and at Glassell. Although her college degree is in architecture, she also took art classes in under graduate school.

She also mentions that getting in the Big Show eluded her for a number of years.
"I read your blog about the Big Show.

As far as the content of the work, the Big Show has long been considered a survey of Texas artists and the work ranges from amazing to even bad, but is truly a survey.

Art is a very opinionated topic. If I had to explain to someone what the art world thinks is great work, it would be to say that the work needs to speak about the time period it is in. In other only paint what has been painted isn’t enough....but how does it change and evolve to make it unique? Or what way is a painting made that says it is specific to 2010....and not 10 years ago. That makes it very tough call how to make and for the curator to select great innovative art.

I don’t think I have the answer....but I do know that I have spent a lot of time experimenting in my studio and that has become my topic of work..more than painting itself."

Fascinating. I can't wait to visit her studio and see just what she means by that last statement, which, good for her, is probably the very reason her work is in the Big Show this year.

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