Tuesday, August 31, 2010

¿Cuánto cuesta?

¿Cuánto cuesta? means "how much does it cost" in Spanish.

If it hasn't been said before, it should have been -- I love win wins. Right now, a friend and I are bartering services. She gets child care from me on Wednesdays for her precious five year old twins, and I get some light carpentry work (provided through her) done on the house. It's a win win for us both. In fact, because her kiddos are so sweet, I'm probably getting more out of it than she is....(but don't tell her that.)

Some of the carpentry work is being done in the art studio. In what I consider the highest of compliments, one of the Spanish speaking workers loves my art and wants his portrait painted by yours truly. It's perfect timing because I've postponed getting serious about starting a portrait series as previously mentioned here and here. It's past time to get busy.

In a different time space continuum, I'm independently wealthy and can give give give to my heart's content. But in this life, right now, I can't; to paint is costly, and so I was trying to come up with a creative barter so that we could create a win win for him to get his portrait painted and for me to get something out of the deal, too. Such as, we work together to paint the living room and dining room walls in exchange for the portrait (which he would keep) -- or something like that. Only he didn't like that idea. OK, so what does he think is a fair exchange? How much should it cost him? And how much should it cost me? What is fair for us both? Ideas anyone?

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J. said...

I just saw this! It didn't pop up on the reader, or maybe I missed it.

When I was in medical school I, in my usual idealistic way, decided I would accept payment in livestock, like chickens and stuff.

I decided med school would chew me up and spit me out, but I'd still love for someone to pay me in chickens for something. Good laying hens, preferably. Or maybe a llama. I've always wanted a llama.

Anyway, don't have any ideas, just wanted to entertain you with a story. :D

Some people really hate painting rooms. It's hard to get just right.