Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bucket List

On our morning walk with the dogs, we noticed a crowd gathering where there normally isn't a crowd. Turns out that the crowd was preparing to see a 25 story building in the Houston Medical Center get blown up. How cool is that?! Honestly, how many opportunities does one have to see a building, expertly laced with explosives (implosives?) blow up just blocks from your home?

If I had ever taken the opportunity to write a bucket list, watching a building implode would definitely be on the list.

It was so exciting to see it in person! We heard two thundering booms before I turned on the camera. I was so excited that I forgot to zoom. The enthusiastic background commentary (hollering) is all courtesy of yours truly. Also, just after the video ends, we were engulfed in the debris from the building that was floating on the air. Somehow, I hadn't taken this into account. Other people left immediately after the building imploded, or were wearing surgical masks to protect them from the soot. That was probably a smart thing to do. Um, yeah.


Anonymous said...

That was too cool. I bet it was even better in person

Sarah Hazel said...

It was SO cool, yes!