Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Final Countdown....Recipe

OK, because some very enthusiastic friends encouraged me use the abundance of lemons we had to make limoncello, and because we all wanted our fair share of the final product, we started with three 750 mL bottles of 190 proof Everclear and the zest of 36 lemons, or 12 lemons per bottle.

We soaked the lemon zest/Everclear mixture for I don't know, maybe three weeks (?), during which time a not insignificant amount of alcohol evaporated from the bowl, which left us with 8 1/2 cups of liquid, after removing the zest from the mixture.

We added 2 1/8 cups of water to make it 150-ish proof instead of the very strong 190 proof, like it was the last time making limoncello.

We toned down the addition of simple syrup as well, the proportions of which were 5 1/2 cups of sugar and 6 1/2 cups of water. To make simple syrup, heat the sugar and water on the stove until the sugar dissolves. Wait for it to cool to room temperature before adding it to the lemon zest infused Everclear. Here, one of my enthusiastic helpers, James, demonstrates this step.

Look at all the limoncello we made! It's definitely better than my last batch, not quite as sweet and not as strong of an alcohol bite. The end result is 35% alcohol by volume or 70 proof. One third of this belongs to the Reese Hazel family, so come on by and I'll serve us a drink or two.....or three.

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eyeonargentina said...

We love limoncello! Wish we could stop by!