Friday, February 15, 2008

Honeyboy Edwards

Reese and I just got back from Austin. We went to the Cactus Cafe to see Honeyboy Edwards play some good old fashioned Mississippi Delta blues. Honeyboy is so old that when we first got wind that he was scheduled to perform, we held our breath hoping he would live long enough for us to see him play. He was live all right. With the added inspitation of having just won a grammy, he played for two hours straight. It was hypnotic, like being in church. Deep down one knows the preaching is good, and even with a few amens one's soul is lulled -- takes a breather -- like a good afternoon nap on the Sabbath day of rest, and heavy eyelids start to droop.

My roots are deep in Mississippi soil. Hearing Honeyboy play was a going home. This music must have floated in the air, on the river, and grown in the soil of my childhood home. Honeyboy's music nourished me deeply; I am satisfied.


marylamb said...

awww, sorry i missed you in atx!

Sarah Hazel said...

It was a whirlwind of a trip.