Monday, February 02, 2009

Facebook Double Duty -- See #17

This post is in response to being tagged...repeatedly...on facebook. This game is asking for one to list 25 frikin' things about oneself. That's a LOT of jibber jabber.

1. One of my favorite things about being a mother has been reading and falling in love with children's books.

2. Along those same lines, back in the day, I highly anticipated my daughter's summer reading lists once they were in school. It's hard to go wrong with a Caldecott or Newberry Medal winner.

3. Doesn't everyone love Barnes and Noble?

4. One of my favorite books is called, The Legend of Larry the Lizard by Peter Meinke. It's a children's book that someone gave me and my big brother when I was five. It's simply illustrated, but written entirely in limerick.

5. Limericks, in my opinion, are an overlooked and under appreciated form of poetry.

6. Reese has very wisely said that if I bring one more piece of furniture in the house that I must get rid of something else. Because of this, I'm constantly buying and selling random pieces of furniture.

7. Our furniture is almost exclusively 2nd hand, sometimes even straight from the trash pile.

8. When people come over, they almost always comment on how homey it feels. My theory is that it's a visceral reaction because some of their own grandmother's furniture is here. It's just a theory.

9. When decorating, I'm not afraid to use color.

10. Our dining room is Ming red.

11. I prefer not to advertise brands. To that end, I avoid wearing labels of any kind, even cutting the tags out of the inside of clothes.

12. It's hard to go wrong with cashmere. Mmmm, cashmere.

13. Pearls, too. Is it possible to own too many pearls?

14. Linen, cotton, silk -- I like wearing natural fibers.

15. Once, my mother-in-law (God rest her soul) convinced my daughters that I was a vegetarian.

16. I eat meat.

17. When someone talks about one's civic or spiritual duty, it always makes me laugh. "Haha. They said doodee." It is generally unacceptable to laugh aloud in church when the pastor says duty. "Haha. He said doodee."

18. I'm on my 3rd or 4th wedding ring. Same husband...just keep losing the rings.

19. Hate is a strong word. That said, there's a whole group of people in this world who absolutely, unequivocally hate me.

19. My arch nemesis is Joe. He loathes me and oozes disgust whenever I am in his presence. He's probably the secretary of the Sarah Hazel Hater Club. I'm fairly certain of who the president and VP are, too.

20. People are surprised when they discover that Reese and I aren't hippies.

21. I, myself, added a room to the house and passed a City of Houston inspection.

22. From a $3 box of wool strips, I've braided and sewn together a very colorful rug....

23. ...that I vacuum with an Electrolux. Nothing sucks like an Electrolux. I say this in spite of #11.

24. When Reese and I were young newlyweds, we had come from such different religious backgrounds that the only thing we agreed on by way of belief was The Apostles Creed. Just now, reading this aloud to Reese, he said, "I don't think we entirely agreed on the Apostles Creed...." I much prefer the version from The Book of Common Prayer.

25. Commitment, compromise, communication, courtesy, and contentment make for a happy marriage. It also helps to be married to one's best friend.


ehaze said...

5. A UT professor/Cactus barfly once explained to me that the limerick is the only type of poetry left in the English language in which form has as much meaning as content. You cannot have a romantic limerick by definition. So he assigned his class a homework assignment where they had to write a romantic limerick, but just because of the cadence and the form, they all ended up being funny anyway.

Sarah Hazel said...

Of course, I must give it a try
to write that elusive love cry
in limerick verse
declare love, not a curse...
my love is a sweet apple pie.

My love is as sweet as bees honey;
my honey shines bright like the sunny;
my loved one is dear
from his toes to his ear
and when he eats eggs, they're not runny.

ehaze said...

haha! it just ends up being funny anyway.