Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wop Upside The Head

Sometimes, it's best to not wait for inspiration to wop one upside the head, so to speak. Sometimes, it's important to just get busy. As my sweet little grandmother used to say, "I'm gonna do something, even if it's wrong," which roughly translates, just do it.

That's a good explanation of this little painting, doing something, even if it's wrong. Months ago, there were several days in succession where inspiration seemed to be lacking, much like the museless state described a few blog entries ago. It was one of those days where I thought that it would be better to just pick up a paintbrush and paint versus doing nothing. The end product was lackluster to say the least. A canvas filled with swirls of what purpose? The swirly blue canvas sat in the studio....for months.

Now, fast forward to last week. The camellias were in bloom, and I wanted needed to paint something, (even if it's wrong.) So, using the swirly blue canvas as a background, and not waiting for a wop upside the head for inspiration, I painted this still life of camellias.

And, dear blog reader, this painting is being offered as a freebie. Leave a comment, send an e-mail, or call me and your name will be put in the hat for a drawing in a week or so.


Betsy said...

I think it's beautiful! I don't know if you remember the camellias that were at our grandmother's house on Vance St., but after she died and they sold the house, my parents dug up the camellia bush and planted it in our yard. I always think of her when I see camellias. Thanks for a fun memory today!

Please put my name in the hat.

Sarah Hazel said...

It's likely that the camellias were never in bloom when we came in the summertime...?
You're name's in the hat.

Lis said...

I miss the camellias in my grandmother's yard--same color as these! :) Thank you for doing something--I don't think this went wrong at all!!!!!!! :)


I second Betsy, my name too, pls!!!!!! :)

J. said...

I was in my twenties and driving through Beaumont the first time I'd noticed a bush of camellias at a historical landmark the way down from Lumberton. It was a great big bush, full of blooms; my central Texas mind could have never imagined such a thing!