Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wine-y Art

A month ago, Anna and I went foraging through a warehouse, at the behest of the new owner, looking for discarded objects to turn into wine related art. The new owner is going to turn the warehouse into a wine bar. As mentioned in a previous post, one of the things in the warehouse was an old army cot.

An old army cot is made of...canvas! It's perfect for a painter. After cleaning the canvas, it was time to separate the canvas from the cot frame. Done. Next, quite a bit of work went into to separating the frame from itself. Because the cot was older, it was extremely well made. At several points, big man Reese helped pry some pieces apart. Done. Then, thankfully, Reese agreed to build the inner frame out of the cot legs. Next, the canvas was stretched around the inner frame, and stapled tight and taut. Two layers of gesso and other prep work...and it was ready.

In the photo below, the canvas made from the old army cot is on the easel on the right. An old piece of corrugated metal (from the warehouse) is on the easel on the left. Today, for the first time ever, I painted two paintings of the same still life simultaneously. The paintings aren't finished, yet, especially the one on the left. There are some technical issues painting in and around the ridges and dips in the metal...not entirely happy with the painting on the left.

The still life will stay put until both paintings are finished. The wine will turn to vinegar and the apple will likely decompose. Poor Hilary won't have a piano bench when she plays. And, very sadly, the ukulele is also temporarily out of commission.

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