Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blooming Blurry Red Bud

Tuesday would have been a good day to paint. Why couldn't I have painted on Tuesday? Tuesday's sky was super blue and the red bud tree was chock full o' blooms. Today? The wind was too windy; the sky was partly cloudy; and the red bud tree had already begun to drop it's blooms. As has happened before when painting outdoors, I caught the canvas right before it fell to the ground. Had I been painting anywhere other than our own back yard, Mother Nature would have been much too overwhelming. As it was, with the house only yards away, clean up was easy and often.

This canvas has both bugs and tree pollen type droppings embedded in the paint surface. After a while, I just gave up on trying to remove it all.

Also, it has become apparent that I definitely need a new pair of glasses. It would have been helpful to have worn glasses to see the tree more clearly, but with the glasses on, I couldn't see the canvas and paints. I must be that age. This painting proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything I see is blurry.

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